What to Expect On a Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival cruise lines have it all: top-notch entertainment, world-class cuisine, attentive but not overbearing staff, and a quiet but festive atmosphere. So, what’s not to love? Well, the average Carnival vacation is pretty relaxing — that is, until you book a suite on the Carnival Sensation or Carnival Splendor. A suite on either of these ships will put you right in the middle of everything that’s going on onboard. So much happening! What you won’t get to see from your room (and likely won’t want to) are the stresses and strains of dealing with thousands of other people.
Think social gatherings in your own home where everyone can be trusted and parents don’t expect a drink at every meal. On a Carnival ship, you’re part of the “family” — which means you must show up to work and perform at least 90% of your duties as efficiently as possible. You may serve food almost every day of the cruise (yes – it can be very busy), but you won’t get to see many special moments like dancing or playing lunchtime softball games with friends from home. If you’re looking for an immersive experience where there’s no pressure to conform, consider booking one of these luxury cruises:

The 5-Star Experience

What’s more, a 5-Star Experience is one of the best ways to enjoy a Carnival cruise. From the moment you board the ship, you’re in stitches with the staff — and they’re all friendly, helpful, and know what they’re doing. You’re given plenty of space, and you’re well-fed and hydrated most of the time.

Why Cruise Lines Are So Successful

If you’ve been on a Carnival before, you know how easy it is to get on board with little to no lines. That’s because staff members are already on board to greet you, help you with your bags, seat you in the best seat in the house, and give you free drinks and snacks as soon as you step onboard.

Onboard Activities and Events

If you love to dance, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy. You can check out Broadway shows, enjoy a variety of self-service meals, or check out a Cirque show. If you’re more of a sportswriter or golfer type, there are plenty of on-site activities like golf lessons, billiards, or activities for the whole family.

Other Rewards You Can Earn on Carnival Cruises

If you’re lucky enough to get a cabin on the Carnival Sensation — one of the best bargains in town — you can savor a luxurious vacation the way the cruise line intended. Lesser cruises have fewer opportunities to earn points, but those that do tend to be more expensive. Carnival cruises, on the other hand, have plenty of ways to earn points, while still making your vacation budget-friendly.

Summing up

The Carnival Sensation and Carnival Splendor are two of the most luxurious cruise ships in the world. The differences between the two lines are great — especially considering which one you choose.

For starters, the Sensation has a forward-facing “porthole of the world” that allows you to see around you and into the distance, while the Splendor has an “egg-box” view. Both are beautiful ships, but the Sensation is perhaps a bit more luxurious thanks to its world-class cuisine, four swimming pools, and private butler service.

If you’re looking for a luxurious vacation with a difference, the Sensation or Splendor may be the perfect ship for you. Either way, your Carnival cruise experience will be nothing short of amazing.

Image by Ed Judkins from Pixabay

Alan Jones

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